Abstract of MS Project

A survey & proposal for establishing Security in computer systems

One of the most important requirement for computer systems and networks is Security. In this project it is shown that for establishing security in computer systems, many points must be bear by designers, programmers, and administrators of computer centers. The recources of computer systems are Hardware, Software, Data and personnel. The threats for different parts of computer are Interruption, Interception, Modification and Fabrication. To protect against these attacks, many politics and special mechanisms must be used.

Different techniques had been used for establishing of Security, each of which has many advantages and disadvantages. In this project, after investigation of a few techniques, new and simpler methods, including Composition of RSQ & PRSQ, Compression, Adding security by ADM software, Using of passwords for authentication, are proposed. By comparing these methods with available methods, it has been shown that the proposed methods could be efficeint in most applications. The proposed methods are basic and could be combined and used in different applications. For selecting a suitable method for use in an application system, the sequence and proper phases of analysis, design, and implementation of systems in general, must be followed.